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History of JR Foundation

Jinnah Rafi Foundation

Rafi Butt’s services and accomplishments were rescued from oblivion by the tireless efforts of his son, Imtiaz Rafi Butt. He set up the Jinnah Rafi Foundation in 1989 and discovered his father’s great commitment to the Quaid and the Pakistan Movement. His researchers, in fact, led to a double discovery: a son discovered a father and a father discovered his own identity through the leader that he had found and acknowledged.

The Foundation has published two books so far, Namely. “My Dear Quaid-e-Azam”(Jinnah Rafi Correspondence) and “At Quaid’s Service” (A journey towards discovery).

M. Rafi Butt died in an air crash on November 26, 1948. He was only 39 within the short span granted to him on earth, He compressed the energies of a lifetime and left an indelible mark on the history of his times.

Rafi Butt Jinnah Rafi Quaid-e-Azam m. rafi butt history of jr foundation