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Chairman’s Message

Imtiaz Rafi Butt

Chairman Rafi Foundation

“Mr. Jinnah had not only to fight the full power of the Indian National Congress and the machinations of Lord Mountbatten and his staff but also the indifference and dishonesty of Muslims themselves. The apathy had to be balanced by the raw enthusiasm of the people like Rafi Butt if the Pakistan Movement had to succeed. The vision of Pakistan was thus seen by young and those who could foresee the destiny of the people. In this the Butts, father and son, line up with the Quaid.”

                                                      From the Foreword by Akbar S. Ahmad

                                                         Former Cambridge Scholar and Author

“It is in these circumstances that Rafi emerged as a visionary, with breathtakingly liberal and progressive ideas far ahead of his contemporaries and accomplishing tasks with surprising ease and dexterity…. The ease with which he treaded the unchartered waters of politics, economics and society for the benefits of the Muslims, amply indicates the strength of the convictions.  ”

“Rafi was in the habit of putting his thoughts and ideas on paper. Rafi used to say that what Pakistan needs was a school where common sense and science were taught. People lacked common sense and knowledge of science was imperative if one was to survive in this world.”

“Bit by bit, pieces of information began falling into places. Rafi Butt started coming to life and I began to get the feel of the Father and the Man he was. Six years of long and hectic research turned up a mine of information. It was a major breakthrough and a crucial milestone in my quest for identity. “

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